Welcome to Kawa Farms Boarding Facility


Kawa Farms is licensed yearly by the State of Iowa and holds a Madison County Permit. With 20 Acres of land space, Kawa Farms has the ample area for your dog to run, play, and swim.  We have also installed close circuit cameras in all areas dogs play, train, and sleep, to include views of outside access to building and property.


Recently expanded to a 1,800 square foot climate controlled indoor area for play, private climate controlled 1,800 square foot boarding area with tornado protection in a basement with both indoor/outdoor runs, large suites, and 2 - 1 acre fenced in outdoor play areas and ability to go for runs on the completely fenced in property.



The check in time is between 9 am and 5 pm Monday though Friday.  Please let us know what time you will be arriving with your pup.

The check out time is 2:00 pm. Any dog leaving after 2 pm will be charged for that night (similar to a hotel check out policy).

During weekends check in and check out times are by appointment only.


Your dogs stay with us is all inclusive.  There's no longer a reason to leave your dog at the vet or at a facility that only gives your pup a few walks a day, with no real enrichment for their brain or exercise for their body. Your dog will receive a minimum of 2-4 hours play time outside or inside in our indoor play area per day throughout his stay. This does not apply to dogs who do not pass the dog academy temperament test, who are over the age of 7 months & not spayed or neutered, or who are not able to play with the dog academy dogs. If your dog can not play with other dog, he or she will get individual outside or inside play time with one of our trainers.


Medications will be given to your pet according to the instructions you leave at check-in.  A nominal medication charge will be added to your bill.  Other special medication needs are met whenever possible including medicated baths and topical medications. Please call in advance to discuss what medications you will be bringing and what charges will be incurred.


Upon check-in, a courtesy health screen is performed on each guest by a member of our staff.  To protect the health of our guests, we do require that pets be current on vaccinations and free of internal and external parasites.  Dogs must have the DA2PL-Parvo, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and Canine Influenza vaccines annually and Rabies every 1-3 years.



If your pet is cared for by a veterinarian outside of Summit Veterinarian Clinic then you will need to provide us with a copy of your pet's vaccination history or have your veterinarian fax your pet's history to us at 515-337-8005. Should any vaccines be due, they will be administered following the health screening by Summit Veterinarian Clinic and your bill will be adjusted accordingly.  Should a diagnostic examination, or an examination for a specific problem, be requested by the owner, a veterinarian examination fee will be added to the account.


Boarding for Special Needs Pets, Older Pets, and Pets Suffering from Separation Anxiety


 We make every effort to accommodate pets with special boarding needs such as older pets and pets who suffer from separation anxiety.  For our special needs pets, we provide soft music, calming television programming, and lots of extra attention.



We provide extra attention, soft music, special TV programs designed for pets, as well as a watchful eye.  We want your senior pet to go home happy and healthy.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a dog or cat to become stressed while being boarded, which can sometimes result in illness.


BOARDING OLDER DOGS Being away from home can be more stressful for older pets than for younger ones.  They are more set in their ways, and their patterns more deeply ingrained.  Dogs love patterns such as knowing what is going to happen, and when it will happen.  Changing those patterns can upset them.  Additionally, geriatric pets are more likely to have underlying health problems.  Deafness and blindness are not uncommon in senior pets.  Kidney, heart, and liver disease are often associated with age.  Arthritis and other degenerative conditions can make it difficult for them to get around.  Boarding, especially if your pet has never been boarded or boarded infrequently, may cause these conditions to become apparent or worsen. Many older pets have underlying conditions or undiagnosed illnesses that are not readily apparent.  Stress plays an important role regarding your pet's health.  Stress can be caused by a variety of factors such as being away from home and loved ones, a new environment, other dogs or cats, new noises, different smells, different people, a change in water, and the list goes on.  Whatever triggers a stress reaction also triggers physical changes in your pet.  Kawa Farms will do everything to insure your senior pet will be as comfortable as possible while staying with us.



Short Term Boarding (Less than 10 days)

All dogs staying in short term boarding will have indoor/outdoor access at all times, the indoor part of the kennel run is 5’ x 6’.

Each dog has a kennel card posted on their kennel with their name, feeding instructions, special needs, etc. This allows our staff to best meet the needs of your dog. There are privacy panels between the individual kennel runs. We provide a Kuranda bed for your dog to sleep on, stainless steel bowls for food and an auto water system, blankets upon request. The outdoor part of the kennel run is 5’ x 8’.  Dog doors are open all day, weather permitting. Dog doors are closed at 9 pm and reopened in the morning at 6 am. In extreme heat or cold, the doors are open every 2 hours.



Long Term Boarding (10 days+) includes a free bath & crate dry before pickup.

All dogs staying long term boarding with also receive a stuffed Kong bedtime treat. Plus facetime or cam-time with their humans. *Dogs staying in long term boarding are allowed to bring bedding or toys that are non-chocking hazards for their stay.



Special Extended Long Term Boarding Pricing available, please fill out our contact form or call for a quote. (515) 337-2753



For more information about our board & Train programs click here


your dogs food, in a hard airtight container (with feeding instructions)



Every night of boarding includes one day of dog academy for dogs suitable for group play or individual playtime indoors & out for dogs that cannot attend dog academy or those that are not spayed or neutered.  Read More About dog academy.

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